Buying Harry Potter Books

So the last Harry Potter film was recently released (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2) and audience viewing figures, as per usual in the release of a Harry Potter film, were through the roof. because of the fact that this was the last installment it was quite an impetus for people to go and see the film to check out what happened to Harry Potter and his friends.

I personally enjoyed the film hugely, having seen all of the others previously and having been eagerly awaiting the dramatisation of the last Harry Potter book. Even if you have not seen all of the other Harry Potter films it is still worth going to see this one.

As it has been such a long period of time that the Harry Potter books and films have been out, there are likely some people that have not actually read all of the Harry Potter books. If you are one of them then I would recommend reading all of the Harry Potter books from the start so that you can gain all of the additional info that you get from a book and that is left out of the films.

Of course one of the best places that you can get hold of the Harry Potter books is at Amazon. They have the whole selection of all 7 books and you can either buy the books separately or as a complete boxed set of all 7 Harry Potter books together. But, and it is a big but, the Harry Potter books are NOT available on the Kindle. The main reason for the fact that you can’t get Harry Potter on the Kindle is that the author, JK Rowling, objects to the Kindle format for some reason.

However, the good news for those who have the Barnes & Noble nook is that the Harry Potter books are all available in ebook format on the nook and that is the only place where you can get an eFix of harry Potter.

So, although Amazon have a great selection of paperback and hardback books, take a trip to Barnes & Noble if you want to get hold of Harry Potter in an eBook format.

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