New Ford Focus Car

The Ford Focus has always been a really popular car due to it’s styling as well as its features and price. The Ford Focus is a great family car as it has plenty of room in the front and back and also has a selection of options that make it a great choice in family automotives.

However, Ford have taken things a step further forward with the new Ford Focus and adding a sleek new design to a brand new chassis and suspension for the 2012 Ford Focus.

Starting prices for the Ford Focus are $16,000 for the S Sedan and go up to $22,700 for the Titanium 5 door, so the selection is wide ranging and the variety of options will also define the price point. All models have a 2.0L engine, so a good amount of power for a family car and transmissions are either 5 or 6 speed.

In addition to this Ford area also introducing an electric For Focus at the end of 2011 to add to its other hybrid and electric vehicles. The Electric Ford Focus is a car that has an advanced battery system to get the most out of battery life and the most miles out of each charge.

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