Hair Feathers and Fascinators

Evolving from the traditional hat is the current fashion for fascinators and another new fashion is that of adding hair feather extensions.

Hair feather extensions are similar in a way to real hair extensions which can be integrated with your real hair, except of course it is obvious that the hair feathers are not part of your hair! Hair feathers are a really fun way of customizing your look and there are some really weird and wacky feather that you can get. In this way you can add color and individuality to your hair with the option to change the look at any time. Some of these feathers can be treated like real hair so that you can blow dry and straighten/curl them as you like, so forming part of your current hairstyle. They can be made from natural feathers or else hand made.

Fascinator hats were made popular by Kate Middleton amongst other people and are usually worn to events and weddings etc in place of actual hats. They are preferred by younger people and can be fun and funky but at the same time be stylish coupled with your stunning outfit.

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