Hairstyles – Going for Red Hair!

Red hair is quite a daring fashion trend to take part in and you really need to have the right skin tones and coloring to be able to pull it off. Obviously if you have natural red hair then you are at an advantage already, although maybe when you were growing up you didn’t think so! Red hair is the envy of a lot of people, in particular the majority of us who have brown or just plain mousy color hair naturally.

If you want to go for red hair then you need to find the right shade for you and a good hairdresser that can recommend which type of red you should go for (if at all). From auburn and copper tones to deep chestnut there are a wealth of different colors to choose from.

From Julia Roberts, Julianne Moore to Blake Lively and Marcia Cross, whether it is real or fake, celebrities are embracing red hair as it sets them apart from others.

Red hair is not for everyone unfortunately so check with your stylist to see if you can find a shade that will suit you and get the in color hair for this year.

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