Amy Winehouse Lyrics

Since the death of Amy Winehouse in August 2011 there has been a lot of discussion about the lyrics of Amy Winehouse songs and how much they tell about her thoughts and her life. Obviously some songs were written by other people for her or were a cover that she has done. For example, one of her most popular songs was Valerie and a lot of people think she wrote the lyrics for that and even wrote the whole song but Valerie was originally a song by the Zutons and it was in the charts not that long before Amy Winehouse actually covered it (with Mark Ronson).

However, one song that was very popular for Amy Winehouse and for which she did write the lyrics was ‘Rehab’. It is said that she sang the hook line to Mark Ronson as they were walking down the street and that he encouraged her to make it into a full song. Obviously the lyrics to this song were taken from her own life experience when her management company wanted her to go to rehab for her alcohol addiction. But at the time she denied that she had a problem with alcohol and said that she would not go to rehab.

Recently, since the death of Amy Winehouse, the album ‘Back to Black’ which contains the song ‘Rehab’ as well as many other self-penned songs such as ‘Tears Dry on Their Own’ and  ‘Love is a Losing Game’ became one of the best selling albums of all time. The lyrics from most of the songs on the album came from personal experience and are a reflection of the troubled times that she had.



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