Beyonce on YouTube

So recently Beyonce announced that she was pregnant by her husband Jay-Z at the VMA awards. As I did not get to see these awards I tried to check out the announcement on YouTube. However, one annoying thing about youtube is that people often load up their videos with misleading titles and so you don’t really know what you are going to get until you load the YouTube video.

I searched for Beyonce and the VMA awards on YouTube and I must have looked through about 20 videos before giving up and deciding that the announcement of Beyonce’s pregnancy was not on there. Maybe it was but I found it impossible to find. All that I got were people sitting in front of their computer and commenting on the fact that Beyonce had announced her pregnancy. Maybe the proceedings were protected by some sort of copyright but I just couldn’t find  the YouTube video that showed what she said.

I was interested in seeing the recording of the VMAs thenselves as some people I know had not been very complimentary about the way that she announced it and how that might impact other people who were trying to get pregnant but were struggling.

Anyway, I might keep checking YouTube to see if I can find the real Beyonce video but in the meantime if anyone finds it I would be interested to know and would appreciate a link here in the comments, thanks.


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