Music – Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has never been one to shy away from the shock factor. Although her music is probably considered quite mainstream, her personality and shock appearances at many music awards and the like have made her into a well known figure.

Not content with dressing up as a piece of meat at the MTV music awards in 2010 and also appearing hatching from an egg at a performance at the grammys, she added another string to her strange bow of outfits by dressing up as her alter ego – a man called Jo Calderone.

The question is, is Lady Gaga doing this all to seek extra publicity for her music? And if so, firstly does she actually need to do this as her music seems to stand up for itself, having won many awards and sold in large quantities, and secondly, if she is doing this to publicise her music then how is she going to keep up with the wacky things she has done so far?

Not only this, I think we need to ask, that if she does not exhibit all of this bizarre behaviour in the future, then will her future sales be affected? How much of her personality is rubbing off on the reason why people by her music? Is it cool to buy music by Lady Gaga because she is a wacky personality and would people still buy it if she was just the everyday girl on the street?

There is no doubt that her music is good, and usually original (although I do believe that some songs show a distinct similarity to Madonna in my opinion) but how long will she last? Only as long as she can think up the next wacky outfit or publicity stunt?

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