Pizza, Sangria and Wine!

Is there anything better to eat and drink than a great pizza and some wine? Obviously your choice of pizza is key here and you need to go quality and possibly even home made to get the very best pizza. However, although wine is a great drink to go with pizza, have you thought of maybe changing it up a bit? By mixing your own Sangria you have a great alternative to go with pizza and also have a taste of Spain to go with the taste of Italy!

Sangria is made by mixing red wine with some brandy and adding fruit and some other kind of sweetener, often orange juice.  The good thing about Sangria is that you can make it from your everyday cheap wine  and so you don’t need to splash out on something expensive. Make a pitcher of sangria with a dash of brandy and a dose of orange juice and then add plenty of chopped fruit.

Sangria and pizza is a great mix if you have a bunch of friends round and you want to have a casual, perhaps buffet style meal – you can create your own pizza flavours and serve them in slices and people can help themselves to a glass of sangria too.

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