Rachel Ray – Food and Chat Show

Rachel Ray has for quite a number of years had a daytime chat show which also includes a large element of cooking. Rachel Ray takes a lot of her food influences from her Italian background and not only does her food look great on her program, it is usually very easy to make and everyday type of food that people would definitely try to make themselves. The show combines both the recipes and chat with celebrities and others and works well.

So after years of enjoying the daytime slot both at home and abroad, WTAE, who broadcast the show, have moved her slot so that the Rachael Ray show will no be on at 1.05am. This is surely a kick in the teeth for Ray, who will be replaced by Nate Berkus (who was a frequent contributor to the Oprah show)  with a home based show in the 10am slot in the Autumn schedules.

Rachael Ray has had a lot of celebrity guests on her show and is not only popular with the viewing public but also with the celebrities themselves. It will be interesting to see how the ratings go once the show has been moved to the much later slot.


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