Furniture – Sleep Number Bed

So if you are looking for a new bed then you may have come across the concept of the sleep number bed. This is a bed that you can adjust to your own preference in mattress softness and it will adjust to fit your body. But not only that, the sleep number bed can also help where couple like different types of mattress – for example if one of you likes a hard mattress and the other likes a soft – or if one of you has back problems or is pregnant then the sleep number bed can adjust just one side of the bed to suit you.

The concept of the sleep number bed is that everyone has a favorite setting (sleep number) between 1 and 100 and the mattress is adjusted to that sleep number on each side.

The sleep number beds are said to be able to give a better night’s sleep to many people – including those that have problems due to: change in sleep patterns due to age, back problems, those with snoring problems and also during pregnancy when you are advised to sleep on your left side (which may be different to how you usually sleep). You can adjust the sleep number to fit any of your circumstances.

So if you want a great piece of furniture for your bedroom then it might be worth considering the sleep number bed.

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