Ikea Furniture

For many people Ikea furniture is the default option when furnishing a new house or apartment. I know that I myself have furnished at least 3 places almost wholly with Ikea furniture. So what is it that ikea have got that others fail to replicate?

Well in my opinion, Ikea have got the mix of design and price just right. You can get stylish furniture at sometimes dirt cheap prices. OK, so you may have to put the furniture together yourself (or some stores do offer a service where they will build your furniture for you for a fee or if you spend a certain amount in store) but once you get the idea of how to build one bit of Ikea furniture, you are pretty much an expert in putting any of it together!

The design side of Ikea furniture is really clever – the pieces of furniture that they sell are often very simple in style and design but at the same time modern and fashionable. You can easily furnish a bachelor pad with Ikea furniture but equally you can furnish a family home and both will come out looking great.

The other thing is with Ikea furniture that is is functional. So if you just want a few functional pieces to add to your home then it is a great place to go – and you can easily mix it with your existing furniture.

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