Where Can I Get a Home Generator?

With the recent power outages in various parts of the country, the importance of having a home generator is coming to the fore. As our demand for power increases the likelihood of more power outages increases as the power companies struggle to cope and hence we need to have some kind of power back up.

Not only this, but also the increase in adverse environmental and weather conditions which are likely to cause other power outages is another reason to consider installing a home generator.

But if you are new to the world of home generators then you may be wondering ‘where can I get a home generator?

Well, if you are looking to buy a home generator or even a portable one, then there are a few things that you will need to consider before you buy one.

For example do you want a portable or a standby generator, what is your budget and how much will it cost to install the generator –  and you will also need to determine the amount of power you will need (which is measured in watts) to keep your key appliances running during a power outage.

Portable and home generators vary in cost from around $150 upwards so if you want something reasonably small then you don’t have to pay the earth to get it. Of course you can also be talking tens of thousands of dollars for a big generator with a large amount of power but it’s unlikely that you will want that kind of power for a small home back up generator.

If you check out the available home generators on Amazon then they also give you a detailed buying guide so that you can check that you are buying the right home generator for your situation.

There are many options available at different wattages and with standby generators as well as mobile or portable generators. Here are a couple of options that may be suitable.

it’s quite a complex subject so if you are not sure what you will need then check out the generator buying guide here.


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