Election Results

Around the world election results are often in the news, whether it is countries in the Middle East who are fighting for democracy or an overthrow of the current government, or if it is UK local election results or US district election results. But one question that needs to be asked is ‘how much do minor or local election results get influenced by the current overall situation of the country?’

Although local elections have their own agenda, it is difficult for a lot of voters to distance themselves from the National picture. For example you have David Weprin blaming President Obama for his loss in the New York ninth district election, saying that the voters used the election to show their dislike of Obama’s policies and in fact his stay as President.

Likewise in the UK when local council elections occur people will often vote according to their national politics or to make a point against the current Government in power. It would be fair to say the there are a lot of people who firstly may not realise exactly what they are voting for (in terms of local policies) and secondly may think that their vote will count on a national level.

Election results then, can be a message to the government on how the people think that they are doing and governments would do well to heed any of these messages that are coming their way with negative connotations. It is often the case the with a large swing against a government in local elections, national election results will also swing in a similar manner unless some kind of action is taken.

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