Fishing for Catfish

Catfish as a species are one of the most diverse range of fish, particularly in terms of the range of sizes of catfish that you can catch. There are quite a number of different species of catfish and they live in areas from caves to running freshwater.

So with the variety of species you can get catfish that are only around 12cm long but when people go out to catch big catfish, they can be fishing for catfish up to 2 meters long!  Catfish are bottom feeders and have up to 4 pairs of barbels which are what make then look like they have cat’s whiskers.

Catfish are often caught for eating all over the world and fishing for catfish is a great pastime for a lot of people, all trying to catch the biggest fish. As with a lot of fishing, in order to catch the fish the best bait is what the fish normally like to eat, which in the case of catfish is smaller bait fish but you can also use worms as bait.

Catfish are both a freshwater fish and a saltwater fish due to the number of varieties and so you have many options with regard to fishing for catfish, depending on which species you are looking to catch.

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