How To Create Friendship Bracelets

There are many different types of friendship bracelets and to be honest you can choose any type of bracelet as a friendship bracelet if that is the manner in which you are giving it to your friend. Quite often with friendship bracelets, you can either buy or make 2 similar or identical bracelets that both you and your friend wear so that you have that connection of the dame friendship bracelets between you.

If you want to know how to make friendship bracelets then there are plenty of detailed instructions on the internet for different types of friendship bracelets – the most common type are ones that are made with embroidery floss and the floss is woven into patterns by hand by following  a pattern if necessary. Instructions are quite easy to follow and involve twisting and knotting the floss.

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Of course the easy way out is to buy friendship bracelets and you can buy then for a reasonable price (although obviously not as cheaply as you can make them) on craft websites like etsy.

As well as friendship bracelets you can also find friendship necklaces which often have two halves of one piece of metal or symbol that match each other, split between the two necklaces. When the two pieces are together they form one solid piece.

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