Prince William and Kate Middleton

Ever since the lavish wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on 29th April 2011, speculation comes and goes as to how long it will take for Kate and William to announce that they are expecting their first child.

In the early days there were reports of Kate (or the Duchess of Cambridge as she is now known) ordering supplies of food that were high in folic acid, but chances are that she is more likely to take a multivitamin containing folic acid than rely on foods alone, even if they were trying to get pregnant.

Kate has a resounding feeling of being very much like Princess Diana – quiet with understated beauty and with a definite empathy for visiting those less fortunate. it seems that prince William has a gem of a wife and hopefully they can live slightly more out of the paparazzi firing line than his mother did. Already, now that the initial furore has died down, we don’t see quite so much about them as we did with Diana and that is good for them if nothing else.

Prince William has a day job and he gets on with that, in amongst the official duties that they both have to carry out.  Hopefully they can keep living their relatively normal lives without too much intrusion from the press, and then once they are settled and ready to give us any good news, there will certainly be more celebrations all round.

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