Top 5 Halloween Costumes 2011

So this year there have been a few unusual Halloween costumes popping up in addition to the standard and everyday Halloween costumes. So I would like to give you my top 5 Halloween Costumes for 2011.

1. Often Halloween costumes follow the trends and this year is no different. With the release of The Smurfs movie starring Katy Perry as the voice of Smurfette, the Smurfette Halloween Costume as become one of the biggest selling costumes of the year, if not topping the list. It is one costume that is quite easy to create and to do a basic version on with say some blue face paint and a white hat or blue stockings – check out this article on the Smurfette Halloween costume for info on where to get these accessories.

2. Another big seller for this year which has come about due to a certain person’s antics over the year, is the Charlie Sheen Halloween costume. You can get full head masks of the ex-two and a Half Men actor or just shirts and a face mask.

3. With the new TV series just launched, the Pan Am Halloween costume is another one that is going to be popular this year – choose from pilot or stweardess in these sexy outfits.

4. Or, to take on the popular game/app, you can get some great Angry Birds Halloween costumes – whether you are looking for costumes for adults or kids these will go down a treat!

5. I wanted to throw in a couple of traditional costumes for my number 5, particularly for the children – there are the kid’s pumpkin costumes and for the girls the princess Halloween costumes.

No doubt next year we will also be on the look out for something new and trending in the Halloween costume arena so we will have to wait and see who fits the bill on that. In the meantime these are my top 5 Halloween costumes for this year.




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