Should I Keep Ginger in the Fridge?

When you buy fresh ginger from the supermarket or greengrocer it just comes as the root of the spice and it is not refrigerated when bought. However, that applies to a lot of vegetables that you subsequently put in the fridge so what is the situation with ginger – should you store ginger in the fridge?

Well the answer is that yes, it is ideal to keep it in the fridge and if you put it in there it will lats a bit longer. In any case, keep it out of the light if you can so if it is not in the fridge put it in a dark cupboard.

Ginger will often keep for a few weeks or more and keeps better if you but it in a brown paper bag before putting it in the salad tray of the fridge.

You can also freeze ginger and it takes very well to freezing – cut it up in to usable sized chunks so that you don’t have to defrost it all at once or else grate it first and freeze it so that you can break pieces off each time you want to use it.

So, yes, keep your fresh ginger in the fridge and you will extend its life a little bit – but don’t wash it first, just store it dry.

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