Turkey Hat for Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving fast approaching you may be looking for a few fun things to spark up the Thanksgiving meal. If so, then maybe you can check out my ideas for Thanksgiving Games – these are suitable for kids and adults alike and will bring the family together.

Or you might decide that you want to go for the whole Thanksgiving costume scenario with members of the family dressing up in costumes that are themed towards the history of Thanksgiving. However, if you think a whole Thanksgiving costume is a bit much then what about getting a turkey hat? This is a really cheap and fun way to add to the Thanksgiving dinner atmosphere and you could even get one for all of your guests (I’m sure some of them would love you!). It sometimes feels like the whole of Thanksgiving revolves around the turkey so why not make yourself into one!

There are plenty of turkey hats to choose in a variety of price ranges and I have checked a bunch of them out and list below a selection of my top 5 turkey hats for Thanksgiving – check out these turkey hats!

This turkey hat makes me laugh every time I look at it and that is why it comes in at number 1 on my top turkey hat list! The turkey in question is now deciding to be the chef and is perhaps about to carve himself up! This is a plush hat that will certainly give your guests a laugh. Number one because of the expression on the turkey’s face as much as the fact that it is a great price for a great turkey hat.
At number 2 in the top turkey hat list is this full body turkey that looks like he has just been for a night at an Irish bar and has come home worse for wear! This is a great value furry bodied turkey hat!
At number three in the turkey hat chart is this plush turkey drumstick hat that looks good enough to eat (maybe!). Great for the person who is all ready to carve up the Thanksgiving turkey.
For those who want to be all geared up for the big game this referee turkey hat is perfect at number 4 on the list. Either that or you can just be the decider on any arguments that might happen!
And last but not least in my top 5 turkey hat list is this smart shimmering turkey with long yellow legs! A great price for a fun hat!

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