How To Add a Network Place

When Microsoft change things with each new edition of the Windows sofware it can sometimes be difficult to find how to do something that you thought was pretty simple and commonplace in the past. One example of this for me was to use ‘Add Network Place’ when you wanted to connect to a folder that was on a website where you had documents or images stored – previously this was a pretty simple thing to do.

But now in Windows 7 I have found that it seems to be hidden in the depths of things and is not immediately obvious.

Anyway, to add a network place in Microsoft Windows 7 you need to do this:

Open Windows Explorer
Click on Tools
Map Network Drive
At the bottom of the next dialog box you have the link to ‘Connect to a website that you use to store your documents and pictures’
After that you just need to enter the website address and you are sorted.

You will then find the link under the Computer section in the left hand folders menu.

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