Can I Buy a Meerkat Toy?

If you are looking to buy a meerkat toy from the ‘compare the meerkat’ people but you don’t actually want or need to buy insurance, then you might be asking ‘where can I buy a meerkat toy?’. Well this is a great marketing ploy as they are not actually selling the meerkat soft toys separately.

There are a few other people who are making meerkat soft toys and you can get hold of one on Amazon for under £10 if you are happy with an imitation, for example check out this meerkat soft toy.

There are a couple of designs although obviously they are not part of the original set of meerkats from the adverts. They are dressed up in a similar manner probably as a substitute for the originals.

However, you can get hold of the original meerkat toys, most likely from those people who have got them free when they bought their insurance and are happy to sell them on. If you check out the listings in eBay then you can find not only Aleksandr, Vassily, Sergei and Maiya.


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