Web Traffic From Portland Oregon

As website developers we have a number of websites on the go right now and it seems that something strange is happening in the Google Analytics stats. Quite a few websites have been showing increased views so I did a bit of investigating on why this might be and found something strange.

A number of websites have a bunch of direct traffic from Portland, Oregon, US. This traffic is direct (i.e. not coming through a search engine) and it has a 100% bounce rate and zero time spent on the site. This leads me to believe that this Portland Oregon web traffic is being sent by some kind of automated system. By why would anyone bother doing this? What would be the point and what would they achieve by doing it? Maybe it is some kind of testing.

Also is it only a small number of websites that this is happening to or are there other people that are affected? Maybe if you have got to this page then you are experiencing the same weird direct traffic from Portland, Oregon. If you are then please let me know by leaving a comment and if you have any idea why this might be happening we would be interested to hear from you.

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