Is Music Magpie Worthwhile?

If you have seen the adverts in the UK for Music Magpie, who buy your old CDs and DVDs (and also video games), then you might wonder if Music Magpie is worthwhile.

The question may well be what are you expecting to get out of it? If you want to clear some space and get rid of what you might consider junk, then you can do this quickly and easily with Music Magpie. However, if you are looking to make the most money as possible from selling old CDs and DVDs then this may not be the best method to achieve this.

If you wonder what Music Magpie is all about (you can check out their website here) then this is what they do- you enter the details of your CD or DVD and they offer to buy it from you at a fixed price. There are a few that Music Magpie will not accept, but the majority are saleable.

So the good thing is that they will buy the majority from you in a job lot, and if you sell more than 50 items then they will send a courier to collect them. Even for less than 50 items you can send them to them by freepost.

The bad thing is that you may not get much from them for your old CDs and DVDs, for example,most CDs are only worth 30p. So you have to ask yourself is it worth selling them for 30p? If you don’t really listen to them and you have a lot to sell then it can be worth it, after all what else will you do with them? If you think you can get more for them then maybe you can take them to a car boot sale where you may sell a few, but this can be time consuming and you may end up not selling many.

So, if you want to just clear them out and get what you can for them, then Music Magpie is a good bet. After all, is anyone going to be using CDs in a few years time or will it be like trying to sell vinyl?

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