YouTube Ad Program

The YouTube Ad Program enables users of YouTube who upload their videos, to earn money from ads that show when people view their videos. It can be a good stream of income if you have original videos that are likely to get a lot of views.

There are two ways of getting into the YouTube Ad Program – the first is to get invited by YouTube and the second is to apply for your account to be included. However, don;t hold your breath for too long if you apply as it can and probably will take months for your application to be processed.

The most obvious criteria that YouTube set for becoming part of the program is to have a video that is completely your own content and that attracts a large number of views in a shortish period of time. However, we have heard of people who got invited with just one video of a few thousand views and others who got turned down with a number of videos of tens of thousands of views Рso acceptance to the YouTube Ad Program is not in any way guaranteed.

Once accepted to the program, you can select which of your videos you monetise – so if you only have some that are individual to you then you can just select those. As YouTube is part of Google you will need to have a valid Adsense account as that is how the money is earned.

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