Want to Buy the Raspberry Pi?

If you have heard all of the buzz about the Raspberry Pi recently, which is a computer that you can buy for around £22, then you may be wondering where you can buy the Raspberry Pi?

Well the buzz has been so big that stocks of the small personal computer have already sold out on their launch date. However, more stocks are on the way and although currently you can only buy one piece per order, bulk orders will soon be possible.

The development of the Raspberry Pi was inspired to make schoolchildren more keen on getting into the coding and development of programs that children of the 80’s used to do on simple basic computers like the ZX Spectrum. The ‘computer’ doesn’t come in a case but instead is just a motherboard that can be connected to a monitor or TV.

In future many more jobs will involve some kind of coding or computer programming and the launch of the Raspberry Pi is hoped to encourage schoolchildren to build on these skills and thus be more employable.

Two companies are currently distributing the Raspberry Pi and they are:

Premier Farnell and RS Components 

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