Donating Hair To Charity

If you are thinking of donating some of your hair to charity – perhaps it is long and you want to cut it short, or else you maybe know someone who has been affected by hair loss due to cancer or other illness – then you need to make sure you are doing it right before just cutting it all off.

There are a number of criteria that you need to satisfy before you can donate your hair to charity and also different charities have different criterion. To start off with your hair needs to be a certain length – the minimum length is about 7 inches but many charities require longer hair than this, up to as much as 12 inches minimum. There are also stipulations on the condition of the hair – whether it has been permed or coloured etc and you will need to check with the charity of your choice.

However, the main thing is the way that the hair is cut. You will need to tie the hair up into a ponytail before cutting it, with a band on the top and the bottom of the hair. This is to prevent the hair from tangling and rendering it unusable.

So, if you decide to do this, first check out the charity of your choice and see if your hair qualifies. If it does not then it may be possible to choose another charity. Most charities that take hair use it to create wigs and hairpieces for children but there are also a small number who do it for adults so you may have a preference.

Good luck with your hair donation and your new style!

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