Stop Back Pain!

So, as someone who has suffered lower back pain for years after an operation to remove part of a disc, I have tried many means to stop the constant back pain that nags me especially when I do a little bit of lifting or gardening.

I have some pills that can really take the edge off the pain but you don’t want to be taking pills all your life. In addition I use heat packs and ice packs and these do help to a certain extent, plus doing the exercises that the doctor has recommended.

However, I recently bought a back brace (or support) which is a sturdy elasticated belt that supports the lower back. It has 2 adjustable heavy velcro straps so that you can get the support to the tightness that you need. The back support that I bought was the Neoprene Double Pull Lumbar Back Support Brace sold by Health & Care. I had looked though quite a number of options for back support braces and this one offered exactly what I wanted in terms of choices of size (many choices and descriptions of the waist sizes that wach one would fit) and also at a good price.

It is a sturdy piece of kit that has massive velcro sections to ensure the fit is tight and secure. It can be worn under or over clothing although I found it more comfortable over trousers as it occasionally needed pulling down after I had sat down with it on.

I did try and buy one on the high street but I had to take it back as it was too big and did not fit round my waist (it came in a one size fit). Plus that one was a bit too bulky.

With this back brace you get a good choice of sizes to fit all shapes so it will be a much better fit when you get it than a one size fits all.

So, after wearing this back brace for 2 days, I have no back pain. This has not happened to me for a long time so I am very impressed. I’m not sure how long that will last when I take it off but I think the idea is to use it only occasionally when you need that extra support. I have read reviews about people wearing it when they play golf which is something that I will need to do and now makes me look forward to a game of golf with much more pleasure.

The above back brace is from the Amazon UK site but you can obviously also get a good selection from the Amazon US site, for example the following:


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