Window Seat or Aisle Seat?

As someone who travels a lot I often think about my choice of airline seat and which one I should opt for! My staple choice is to choose an aisle seat on the left hand side of the plane that is about half way back.

But which one is the best one to choose? Well it does depend on a number of factors. If you want to see the view and get some nice pictures then you should obviously choose a window seat. What you do need to do though if you are really bothered is to check which will be the best side of the plane to be on as the window seat on one side may have way better views than the window seat on the other side of the plane.

Aisle Seat?One reason though that I choose an aisle seat is that when you are in an aisle seat you can choose to get up and walk around as much as you like without bothering anyone else. And it seems that research supports this theory as more people suffer from DVT who are situated in non-aisle seats. I would imagine that this is because when you need to ask for one or two people to move every time you want to get out of your seat, you are most likely to do this as little as possible. DVT has a higher incidence when you are not moving around so those in the aisle seats that get up more often are going to be less at risk.

Window Seat?

If you are on a short haul flight (say below 4 hours) then you are less likely to be affected by this so the choice between aisle seat and window seat may be less clear. Maybe then it will depend on how well you sleep on a plane and what time of day it is. Maybe if you are on a short flight that goes of an evening or night time, you may just want to sleep. So if you choose a window seat you are not going to be bothered by anyone else.

However, on longer haul flights with a higher risk of DVT then an aisle seat may be a better choice and may even give the chance to stretch your legs into the aisle every now and again. Even better, if you can get a bulkhead seat then you can get even more legroom. However, beware on the bulkhead seats that you may be sat next to a screaming child!


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