What to Buy People for Christmas and Birthday Presents

So we often struggle to know what to buy people for Christmas or for their birthdays. Coming up with gift ideas can be a tricky thing at the best of times. Well there is a possible solution that will help you out if you are stuck for ideas.

Most people (well I guess maybe only in a certain age group – you may struggle with the older generation) will be users of Amazon. And as you may know yourself, Amazon have a service called ‘wish list’. You can add things to your own wish list for other people to buy for you but the great thing is that if you want to find out what to buy someone, you can search their own wishlist. You can find an Amazon wishlist either by searching with the person’s name or with their email address. if they have a unique name then this can be easy enough to do but if they have a common name then that may not be a great way to search. So, best bet is to use their email address.

Once you have found a wishlist for someone you can see when they put stuff on their wishlist, so it may be better to buy them something that they have added recently so that there is less likelihood that they have already bought it for themselves and forgotten to take it off their wishlist.

The other great thing is that if you buy something through their wishlist then it is then removed from the list so that if someone else goes to look at their list it is no longer on there so they do not get duplicate presents.

Both Amazon US and Amazon UK have the wishlist service and you can check them out here:

Amazon US Wishlist Search

Amazon UK Wishlist Search

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