What is the Harlem Shake?

Well as far as I am concerned, the Harlem Shake is a poor attempt to gain some publicity and views for YouTube videos. It seems to be a poor cousin to Gangnam Style which actually had a song that did not make you want to turn straight to the headache tablets like ‘Harlem Shake’ does, and it looks totally like a publicity stunt for that song (did it actually make it to the charts? I think not…)

So on YouTube people dress us, maybe put a cardboard box on their head and dance. Not really much else to it. They do all dance to the annoying Harlem Shake song and some of them maybe dance where you wouldn’t expect them to. Apart from that, don’t waste 5 minutes of your life googling on YouTube for videos, you will wish that you had not bothered and had search for ‘funny cats’ instead. You can never go wrong with funny cats.

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