How To Take a Tablet

Some pills can be hard to take...
Some pills can be hard to take…

It is surprising how many people struggle to take a tablet – swallowing them whole just seems impossible and a gag reflex kicks in whenever they try – does this ring true with you?

Doing what seems normal to most people and swallowing a tablet with a glass of water is not possible in many cases. And most of us will have to take some kind of tablets at some point in our lives so learning a knack to taking a tablet is pretty much essential.

Well there is a relatively easy way, which was told to me by my mother (who also suffered from the same problem so maybe it is a hereditary thing?). Anyway, the best way to swallow a tablet is to chew up some food (I usually have a large bite of a biscuit) – something that has a good amount of texture to it is best – when you have chewed it to a minimal level that will enable you to swallow it, put the tablet in your mouth and swallow it with the chewed up biscuit.

Depending on the size of the pill you may need a bit more of a mouthful but I have found this a great way to swallow pills. I also use mouthfuls of cereal and add the tablet to that and this works well too (especially with granola or muesli).

Anyway, give it a try and hopefully it will work for you too.

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