How To Get Free Lives on Candy Crush

Well if you are one of the 20 million people currently playing Candy Crush Saga and you maybe get to a level where you get stuck and keep running out of lives then there is one really simple trick to get you 3 times the amount of lives before you actually run out.

This is maybe something you already know but if not it might just help you get through to the next level. Firstly if you are playing Candy Crush on your phone and you run out of lives then go play on your laptop/PC. You will immediately have a full set of lives regardless of whether you have just run them down on another device. Then, once you have run out of lives there, just go to your iPad and get another set of lives there!

OK that is a quick and free fix. If you want more in depth hints and tips and ways to totally race through the levels of Candy Crush then maybe you will be interested in Candy Crush Online

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