Giant Advertising Inflatable

So my theory is that you can pretty much buy anything you want on Amazon and as I was searching the other day for a pool inflatable I came across this which really does seem to prove my theory!

If you are looking to buy a giant advertising inflatable then this is surely the place for you. In fact I was passing by a carpet shop the other day and I wouldn’t have noticed it that much except that it had a giant inflatable in front of it advertising a sale they had on. These things really do catch your eye so maybe they are worth the investment. They don’t come cheap – this King Kong giant inflatable has a $2,199 price tag (although prices can change quickly on Amazon but that is the price at going to print). But then if you think about any increase in revenue it might provide then it could well be a good investment. Ok it seems crazy to say that a giant inflatable can be a good investment but I know that I wouldn’t have looked twice at that carpet shop if it hadn’t had the inflatable monster in front of it.

Check out this inflatable on Amazon and you will see they also have a few other designs to offer. This one come with a custom banner so you can either have your own business name on it or maybe you could share it with another business and just have it advertising sale prices or something generic.

After all it may not effectively cost so much if it is a business investment that has some kind of tax write off!

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