How Can You Tell a Facebook Competition is Fake?

There are so many fake facebook pages out there trying to get us to click the like and share buttons with competitions and giveaways. So many of these facebook competitions are actually fake sadly.

There are a number of reasons why someone would set up a fake facebook page and competition even though sometimes they seem a bit unfathomable! But mostly they want us to like and share stuff so that more people like their page and maybe they can get hold of all our details and that of our friends to spam us with stuff or do even worse.

There have been pages and apps that have managed even more sinister things like posting spam on our behalf that appears on other pages and perhaps getting data from our email accounts and using that for their own (usually spam) purposes, but worst of all they could steal your identity and maybe even sell that information off to other people.

There are a lot of fake pages purportedly giving you a chance to win a lovely new LandRover
There are a lot of fake pages purportedly giving you a chance to win a lovely new LandRover

There are a lot of pages that promise prizes like a brand new car if you like and share their page. Another popular one is that you could win airline tickets from a well known airline to celebrate an anniversary and recently there was a fake Ikea facebook page promising £5,000 in vouchers to a lucky visitor to their store on it’s opening day.

Others promise that someone will win a villa or a holiday. With these competitions you need to follow the old adage – if it looks too good to be true then… well you know the rest.

So if you are wondering how can you tell if a facebook page is fake then start by looking at some of the following points:

  • If it is a big company then it should have the blue verified tick that facebook give to established companies so check for that.
  • How many likes does the page have – does it purport to be a big company and if so does it have as many like as you would expect it to? Many pages that promise giveaways from a company may only have a thousand or so likes and this should ring alarm bells to start with.
  • Is the company name spelled correctly? This might seem basic but you would be surprised how many are not quite spelled right because the actual company has taken the correctly spelled page name.
  • When was the page set up? If it was only set up a few months (or even days) ago then it is possibly fake – established companies will have had their facebook pages for quite a while by now. Check if all the posts showing were just added.
  • Does it have any contact information on it? Can you see a phone number, address etc in the about section? Reputable companies will definitely want this information to be obvious on their page so that you can contact them.
  • Is the spelling and grammar good? Companies will likely have someone who has good spelling and grammar updating their information.
  • Do they use lots of unnecessary punctuation? If you see more than one exclamation mark on something then that should also ring alarm bells!

So if you see a friend has liked a page that promises prizes that sound fantastic then just have a quick look at the page itself before you start sharing it around.

Here is a particular example:

A competition to win a villa (yes real actual ownership of a whole villa – does that smell fishy already?) with a company called James Villas. Here is the fake page:

This fake James Villas page has managed to get 13k shares for its competition after only a day!
This fake page has managed to get 13k shares for its competition after only a day!

Note that there is no contact information and only 7k likes.

But it has been copied from the genuine page here:

Over 100k likes and lots of contact info are a couple of things that show this is a genuine page.
Over 100k likes and lots of contact info are a couple of things that show this is a genuine page.

How to Swallow Pills

How to swallow pills
Some pills (if not all!) can be hard to swallow!

If you are like me and have a really bad gag reflex and don’t know how to swallow pills without retching and bringing the thing back up (assuming it actually gets anywhere in the first place beyond your tongue) then it seems like we are not alone!

Many people struggle to swallow pills, even if they are smaller than what seems like normal bite sized pieces of food. Even to myself I think it must be some kind of psychological thing together with the gag reflex as a lot of the pills we have to swallow are not really that big in theory.

Anyway, I have found a way to swallow pills that works for me in most cases (I still struggle with the really big capsules).

What you need to do is to take a chunk of biscuit/cookie (you can use many other foodstuffs but I find biscuits/cookies are the best and also easiest just to grab on the go) and chew it up to the point where you are almost ready to swallow it. Keep it maybe a little bit more chunky than you otherwise might do before swallowing.

Once you are just about to swallow the biscuit/cookie, pop the pill in your mouth among the biscuit bits and swallow the whole lot together. If you have a pill that will break into 2 then if might be worth doing it in 2 goes. It may be harder to do with those big plastic capsules but for others it should be OK.

I have to say this works for me 90% of the time and I am one of the worst for taking tablets and pills. I hope that it works for you but I guess it is not going to work for everyone.

Give it a try and let me know if it does work!

Make Your Own Very Hungry Caterpillar

Here is a fun craft activity to do with the kids – how to make your own very hungry caterpillar. This could be an activity for your own kids or something you can do in batches for a group of children, e.g at a playgroup or preschool.

The result is this, the caterpillar before he ate through all that food and got a tummy ache!


What you will need:
  • green card (or paper or can be white)
  • red paper (again can be white)
  • white card
  • sticky eyes (optional)
  • lolly stick (optional)
  • green paint
  • yellow paint
  • glue stick
  • sellotape

Firstly paint your green card or paper with a very rough mix of dark green and yellow paint. Make sure the colours don’t blend together too well!

Mark up the back of the card with discs. If you are just doing one or two you can obviously make them much bigger.

Cut them out so that they all have slightly differing colours in them.

Cut a body shape out of white card and a head out of the red paper. if you don’t have red paper colour in some white paper with a red pen!

Use a glue stick to start gluing down the body pieces one at a time, overlapping each other onto the card body.

Stick on the head and then you can either use sticky eyes or else just draw on your own eyes (the rights colours are green in the middle and yellow outside but sticky eyes do just fine). Draw in his mouth with a marker or felt pen.

You can then use sellotape to attach the lolly stick to the back of the head so that you can move the caterpillar around – ideal to use with the story book.

And there you go, the finished hungry caterpillar:

How to make your own very hungry caterpillar


And if you want to buy the book…

External Hard Drive Not Deleting Files

external hard driveI recently had the problem where my external back up drive was nearly full so I deleted a bunch of files off it. However, even after deleting these files no more space seemed to become available on the external hard drive.

Why No More Space?

I couldn’t figure out why I was not getting any more space on the drive even after deleting the files. I was planning on buying a new hard drive at some point anyway but I knew that there were files on the hard drive that I didn’t really need so I might as well delete those first.

Recycle Bin

I searched around for a recycle bin on the hard drive to empty to make the space but there didn’t seem to be one.

Anyway, after a bit of searching, I realised that all of the files that I had deleted were in the Recycle Bin on my PC. This actually took a bit of finding in itself as the recycle bin now does not show in Windows Explorer which was what I was used to and how I used to find it!

(If you also can’t find the recycle bin then check for a link on your desktop and it is probably accessible from there).

Yay, Free Space!

So, once I deleted the files from my recycle bin on my PC the space did indeed get freed up on my external hard drive.

Hopefully this will help someone else who might be in the same situation!


Can’t Get in to eBay

April 23rd – I can’t get in to eBay (the UK version, I can’t test the US version as the problem seems to be with logging in).

The issue isn’t with the home page which I can get to fine, but when I try and log in and see what is happening with My eBay it just hangs – on my phone and my PC.

All other websites seem OK so I don’t think it is a problem with my internet or devices.

I have a few things for sale and I’m not able to get to the selling page or to the My eBay summary page.

I’m also unable to accept a special offer that they emailed me about reduced selling fees so won’t be able to put anything else up for sale until this is sorted.

Unfortunately I also can’t get to the eBay help pages to see if this is a general issue or to ask about it!

Is anyone else having issues with eBay?

General Election 2017 Poll

So with Theresa May calling a snap General Election on 8th June, the news has caught almost everyone off-guard.

In calling the election she wants to get full backing for Brexit and obviously expects a big Conservative majority.

The Labour party and the Lib Dems have both welcomed the call for a General Election although it seems more likely that the Lib Dems could possibly win more seats from the remain voters.

However, as we have seen in recent times, polls and elections have been hard to call and often the predictions have not been correct.

So we thought we would ask what your opinions are in the result of the upcoming election. All answers are anonymous and you an see how the results are going by clicking on the ‘View Results’ link below the vote button.

Who Will Win the UK General Election on 8th June 2017?

  • The Conservative Party (71%, 5 Votes)
  • The Liberal Democrats (29%, 2 Votes)
  • The Labour Party (0%, 0 Votes)
  • UKIP (0%, 0 Votes)
  • The Green Party (0%, 0 Votes)
  • No Conclusive Result (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Other (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 7

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