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Bird Carrying a Turtle

Ever seen a bird carrying a turtle?

So I was on my way to a quite remote island off the coast of Abu Dhabi a few years ago – it was a beautiful spot on a lovely sunny day (as most days are in the United Arab Emirates), when I saw a large bird flying across in front of me which appeared to be carrying something in his talons.

As I was not driving and I had my camera at the ready I just managed to get a shot of the bird as it was swooping past – it was going reasonably fast so I only just caught it as it flew away but I just managed to get it in the frame.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a long lens on the camera at the time so this was the picture that I got:

Bird carrying turtle

At this point I still obviously couldn’t really tell what the bird was carrying (and in fact what type of bird it was) so let’s zoom in a bit closer:

Bird carrying turtle

So now you can really see that it is a bird carrying a turtle in its talons. I have to say I am not a bird expert so I don’t know what kind of bird it is except that I assume it is some kind of bird of prey! I know that falcons are very popular in the Middle East so maybe it is some kind of falcon? If anyone knows please enlighten me!

To get a slightly better look I have zoomed right in although by this point the picture loses some sharpness even though it was a reasonable SLR that I was using:

bird carrying turtle

I guess that the bird has picked up the turtle for a spot of dinner although I would say it’s got to be hard to get it out of its shell.

If anyone has any info to share about the bird or the turtle please leave a comment below.

Cat Urinating On Bed?

If you are a cat owner and you have the problem of your cat urinating on the bed then this can be really frustrating, especially if you wash the bedding and as soon as you do so it just happens again.

Although we love our cats they do sometimes come with problems and a cat urinating on bed is one of the most common – in fact cats urinating in many places that they are not supposed to and not using the litter tray as it should be.

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So, if you have a problem with a cat urinating on the bed, or any other cat behavior problems, then check out this guide.