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How to Create a Custom Map with Multiple Pins

Are you trying to create a custom map or trail with multiple points so that you can post it to other people to see?

If you are trying to create a custom map in Google maps that has multiple pins then you may have found some tutorials that don’t really help of you may have just gone to Google maps and not found any menu items that allow you to do this, in which case I can give you a pointer to the easiest way to create a custom map.

If you want a map that has multiple pins, but the previous pin disappears when you add a new one then basically you need to go to a different Google maps location.

If you go to Google- My Maps then that enables you to create your own custom maps and to save them so that you can either just view them yourself or enable them to be viewed by anyone.

The easiest way to add the pins is to create an excel spreadsheet with 2 headings – Name (this will be the name that appears on the pin) and location (this can be address, postcode, co-ordinates or whatever is recognised in Google Maps).

You can then easily import this spreadsheet and it will add all the pins for you.

Alternatively, perhaps if you only want a couple of pins, you can add the pins manually by using the tools at the top of the page. You can add a title and description to each pin (and it doesn’t need to be an address as you can just drop the pin where you choose to).

You can also change the icons and the color of the pins that are showing for each location by clicking on the edit button for each location. you can add driving or walking routes between 2 places as well by using the inbuilt tools.

In fact there are a lot of functions you can add and once you are done you need to decide whether you want the map to be private or whether you want to share it with the outside word. Click on the share button to see these options.


Which is the Most Popular Carpool Karaoke?

When James Corden took over the Late Late Show he was openly scared that the show would fail and he would have to return to the UK with his tail between his legs.

It seems that nothing could be further from the truth and one of the most popular segments on the show is the carpool karaoke where he takes a ride with some very famous celebrities and sings along with them to their own hits.

The videos are very popular and James Corden is also actually quite good at singing along with the passenger!

The most popular carpool karaoke videos have been shared not just millions of times but tens of millions via YouTube – so which do you think are the most popular carpool karaoke videos?

We checked out the videos and how many views each of them had and these were the ones that had been viewed the most times…

Number 1

OK at the top of the list with over 110 million views is the Adele carpool karaoke, so this one is top of the list. Obviously one reason this was very popular was that it was done at the time of her big hit ‘Hello’ that had just been released:

Number 2

Next on the carpool karaoke most popular list if the Justin Bieber carpool karaoke with over 80 million views. Everything to do with Justin Bieber is usually incredibly popular as he has a huge fan base so this is no surprise really!

Number 3

At number 3 on the most popular carpool karaoke videos is Iggy Azalea carpool karaoke with over 37 million views to date. So this is a big jump down on the top 2 videos which look like they will take a lot of catching up:

Number 4

At the number 4 spot is the Mariah Carey carpool karaoke with over 25 million views:

Number 5

At 5th place on the list is the Stevie Wonder carpool karaoke with over 22 million views. With the video starting with James Corden saying ‘are you sure you are safe to drive?’ this was always destined to be a hit and was a very funny one:

Obviously as the carpool karaoke continues on the Late Late show there is a chance for future videos to overtake this top 5.

In fact the Selena Gomez carpool karaoke has at the time of writing only been released for a day and already has 9 million views, so that could well be a future contender:

With 5 million subscribers these videos are always going to be really popular and will likely always get millions of views so it will be interesting to see which one ends up on top when they finally end.

Which one is your favorite carpool karaoke video? Is it one that is not in the top 5 list? Feel free to comment below.

Isle of Man Car Races

The Isle of Man, in terms of racing is best known for the TT race which happens on the Isle of Man in August of every year. It is known to be one of the hardest and most deadly of motorbike races to take part in and all of the racers do not take part lightly as they are well aware of the dangers. Many bike racers have been killed on the Isle of Man over the years despite the rigorous safety standards that are applied. It is really just he ultimate test of man and bike that there is.

What not many people realise is though, is that there are also car races that take place on the Isle of Man. Since the 1960’s there have been car rally races that take part on the Island, with the roads being shut off and huge crowds attending the races. The two main car races on the Isle of Man are the Manx Trophy Rally and the Conister Trust Historical Rally, both of which are part of the Manx International Rally.

The most successful year for the Manx International Rally was in 2005 when over 200 cars took part in the rally and in 2007 it was named the best rally in the British Isles.

So whether you drive a Ford, a Fiat or a Honda, rally driving on the Isle of Man can be a great spectator sport if you manage to go along and watch it.

Cars – Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 was once relegated to the annals of history as a sytle icon of the 60’s and 70’s. The car was well known for its cute and contemporary design and could be seen on the streets parked in the smallest spots and in front of trendy restaurants and bars.

The first version of the car ceased production in 1975 but Fiat decided to bring out the new version of the Fiat 500 in 2007, after they came up with a complete new design for the car. The new car did resemble the old iconic version but was much more up to date and safety conscious, as well as being bigger the the original version.

Some people said that the new Fiat 500 would never replace the old one with its iconic 60’s styling, and in a way they were right, but all new versions will never be the same as the old and there is still a market for this great little car.

The new Fiat 500 cars retail at between $15,500 and $19,500 plus costs for added extras. The cars are 2 door with sports tuned suspension and a 5 star safety rating, designed for car enthusiasts in particular. The car comes in a 5 gear manual or 6 gear automatic transmission versions.

New Ford Focus Car

The Ford Focus has always been a really popular car due to it’s styling as well as its features and price. The Ford Focus is a great family car as it has plenty of room in the front and back and also has a selection of options that make it a great choice in family automotives.

However, Ford have taken things a step further forward with the new Ford Focus and adding a sleek new design to a brand new chassis and suspension for the 2012 Ford Focus.

Starting prices for the Ford Focus are $16,000 for the S Sedan and go up to $22,700 for the Titanium 5 door, so the selection is wide ranging and the variety of options will also define the price point. All models have a 2.0L engine, so a good amount of power for a family car and transmissions are either 5 or 6 speed.

In addition to this Ford area also introducing an electric For Focus at the end of 2011 to add to its other hybrid and electric vehicles. The Electric Ford Focus is a car that has an advanced battery system to get the most out of battery life and the most miles out of each charge.