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Make Your Own Very Hungry Caterpillar

Here is a fun craft activity to do with the kids – how to make your own very hungry caterpillar. This could be an activity for your own kids or something you can do in batches for a group of children, e.g at a playgroup or preschool.

The result is this, the caterpillar before he ate through all that food and got a tummy ache!


What you will need:
  • green card (or paper or can be white)
  • red paper (again can be white)
  • white card
  • sticky eyes (optional)
  • lolly stick (optional)
  • green paint
  • yellow paint
  • glue stick
  • sellotape

Firstly paint your green card or paper with a very rough mix of dark green and yellow paint. Make sure the colours don’t blend together too well!

Mark up the back of the card with discs. If you are just doing one or two you can obviously make them much bigger.

Cut them out so that they all have slightly differing colours in them.

Cut a body shape out of white card and a head out of the red paper. if you don’t have red paper colour in some white paper with a red pen!

Use a glue stick to start gluing down the body pieces one at a time, overlapping each other onto the card body.

Stick on the head and then you can either use sticky eyes or else just draw on your own eyes (the rights colours are green in the middle and yellow outside but sticky eyes do just fine). Draw in his mouth with a marker or felt pen.

You can then use sellotape to attach the lolly stick to the back of the head so that you can move the caterpillar around – ideal to use with the story book.

And there you go, the finished hungry caterpillar:

How to make your own very hungry caterpillar


And if you want to buy the book…

How Does the President’s Cup Scoring Work?

President’s Cup Scoring

So the scoring for the President’s Cup golf tournament is different to most of the other golf events that you may see and in particular different to all the major tournaments which work on a strokeplay basis, where the President’s Cup works on a matchplay basis, like the Ryder Cup. So the aim is to win matches rather than just to get round the course in as few shots as possible.

In order to win a match the player or players in a team try to win as many holes as they can from the 18 that they may play. For each hole that they play, if they score better than their opponent then they win that hole. If they score the same as their opponent (i.e they take the same number of shots to sink their ball in the hole) then that hole is halved.

So, if one person or team wins the first hole let’s say, then they go 1 Up. If the other team wins the next hole then they will go back to ‘All Square’ (A/S). They keep playing until either they finish all 18 holes or one person or team has won so many holes that the other team cannot catch up. For example, if one team are 5 Up and there are only 4 holes remaining, then there is no way the other team can win, so the first team is said to win that match 5&4.

Golf tournaments bring in large crowds

President’s Cup Format

The format of the President’s Cup is similar to that of the Ryder Cup. Except that in this case the competition is between the USA and a team from non-European countries (whereas the Ryder Cup is USA v Europe). There are 4 days of play and the President’s Cup is run alternate years to the Ryder Cup.

There are 12 players in each team, just like the Ryder Cup, but the players all play in more games as follows:

Thursday and Friday – there are 5 matches of Fourbballs and Five matches of Foursomes. Previously there were 6 matches of each so that all players played in these matches.
Saturday AM – 8 players from each team play in the Foursomes (4 matches)
Saturday PM – 8 players from each team play in the Fourballs (4 matches)
Sunday – all players play in the singles (12 matches)

So with a total of 30 matches, there are 30 points up for grabs and so a team can win by scoring 15 1/2 points. If it is a draw at 15 points all then the team that won the previous year keep hold of the trophy.

Foursomes Format

The foursomes format involves 2 players in each team only using one ball between them. One player is nominated to take the first tee shot and from then onwards tee shots alternate between players so one will take tee shots from the even numbered holes and one from the odd numbered holes.

The second shot is taken by the player who did not take the tee shot and so on, alternating players until the ball is holed.

The winner of the hole is the team that holes out in the fewest number of shots from that one ball.

Fourball Format

The fourball format involves 2 players on each team who each play their own ball. The team then takes the best score on each hole from either player and compares this to the best score from either player on the other team. Again the team with the best score will win that hole (or half it if both teams score the same).

So you may see a player pick up their ball if they cannot score any better than their partner.

President’s Cup 2017

The next President’s Cup tournament will take place in the USA at the Liberty National Golf Club, Jersey City, NJ, from September 26th to 1st October 2017. The two president’s Cup captains are Nick Price (International Team) and Steve Stricker (USA) and they will choose their teams a few weeks before the tournament.

Ten members of the USA team are chosen based on FedEx Cup points from September 2015 to September 2017 (weighted to favor points in 2017) with 2 captain’s picks made in September 2017.

The International Team is made up of the top ten players in the rankings as at 8 September 2017 plus 2 captain’s picks made in September 2017.

How to Create a Custom Map with Multiple Pins

Are you trying to create a custom map or trail with multiple points so that you can post it to other people to see?

If you are trying to create a custom map in Google maps that has multiple pins then you may have found some tutorials that don’t really help of you may have just gone to Google maps and not found any menu items that allow you to do this, in which case I can give you a pointer to the easiest way to create a custom map.

If you want a map that has multiple pins, but the previous pin disappears when you add a new one then basically you need to go to a different Google maps location.

If you go to Google- My Maps then that enables you to create your own custom maps and to save them so that you can either just view them yourself or enable them to be viewed by anyone.

The easiest way to add the pins is to create an excel spreadsheet with 2 headings – Name (this will be the name that appears on the pin) and location (this can be address, postcode, co-ordinates or whatever is recognised in Google Maps).

You can then easily import this spreadsheet and it will add all the pins for you.

Alternatively, perhaps if you only want a couple of pins, you can add the pins manually by using the tools at the top of the page. You can add a title and description to each pin (and it doesn’t need to be an address as you can just drop the pin where you choose to).

You can also change the icons and the color of the pins that are showing for each location by clicking on the edit button for each location. you can add driving or walking routes between 2 places as well by using the inbuilt tools.

In fact there are a lot of functions you can add and once you are done you need to decide whether you want the map to be private or whether you want to share it with the outside word. Click on the share button to see these options.


How To Boil Eggs – Simple Instructions on Boiling Eggs

Although to some people boiling an egg might seem like a simple task, it is like everything in life you only learn how to do something by either reading about it, watching someone else or learning from family etc. If you haven’t had anyone in the past who has taught you how to boil an egg and for how long you need to boil an egg for then it’s probably about as simple as changing the oil on a car would be for me!

So below are my instructions for how to make soft boiled eggs and how to make hard boiled eggs.

Basic Procedure For Boiling An Egg

Firstly it is best to use eggs that are not straight out of the fridge and that are at room temperature but if you want to boil an egg now and the eggs are in the fridge then just take it from there!

Fill a small pan with water so that there is enough water in the pan to cover the egg(s) by about half an inch or so. Put the eggs into the pan of cold water. The reason for using cold water rather than putting the eggs straight into boiling water is that this helps to stop them cracking.

Put the pan on the heat and heat it until the water starts boiling. Once the water is boiling then take note of the time – it helps to have a second hand on your watch but it is not essential. The time it takes to boil the eggs depends on if you like soft boiled eggs or hard boiled eggs.

Soft Boiled Eggs – How Long?

Now everyone likes their boiled eggs slightly differently but I like mine with the yolk (yellow) soft and the white cooked all the way through – I can’t stand any uncooked white in my eggs! So, to get soft boiled eggs like that you need to cook them for about 3 minutes 45 seconds as far as I am concerned. 4 minutes is fine if you don’t have a second hand on your watch! Try this out and see if this is how you like you eggs boiled and if you want them a bit more soft boiled or slightly more hard boiled then adjust the time accordingly.

You do need to be reasonably accurate on your timing otherwise, if you do leave them even a little bit longer then you will end up with hard-boiled eggs

Hard Boiled Eggs – How Long?

The same applies to hard boiling eggs in terms of how you like them – how hard you want the centres of the eggs to be. For me, if I want to have hard boiled eggs that I might want to chop up and add mayonnaise to and then put in a sandwich, I will boil the eggs for 5 minutes.

If you want to hard boil eggs for a picnic so that you open them when you are out and you are guaranteed of no runny bits then I would boil eggs for around 7 minutes to make sure they are totally hard boiled. Don’t boil them for too much longer than this otherwise they will likely taste a bit rubbery.

When the eggs are boiled, run them under a cold tap straight away and this should stop that green colour from appearing between the yolk and the white.


Where Can I Get a Waterproof iPod?

So I have recently taken up swimming as a great form of exercise both to keep fit and also to keep my back flexible and stop my back pain. I am not a great swimmer but I can keep going for a bit doing breaststroke and although that is not as good as doing front crawl I’m sure the swimming helps as part of my exercise regime.

However, the more I swim and the more lengths I do, the slightly more boring the swimming gets so I decided to see if I could get a waterproof iPod or some kind of music device to help stop the boredom and keep me swimming for longer.

I am a big music fan and I find that it helps in the gym, particularly on the treadmill to make the time go quicker. However, my everyday iPod will was obviously not going to be any good for swimming and so I had a look for a waterproof iPod, as I wasn’t sure if there was one, and found that there was indeed such a thing.

Actually there are two options for getting music in your ears while you swim and one is to buy a custom waterproof iPod or MP3 player and the other is to buy a waterproof case for your existing iPod or MP3 player. There are companies that take standard iPod shuffles and waterproof them with a 2 year guarantee.

Waterproof iPods

Waterproof iPod Shuffle options

Obviously there are pros and cons to each and it is a personal decision as to which one will be better for you but I would suggest the following:

If you are a frequent swimmer then maybe a waterproof iPod would be better then you don’t need to keep taking your iPod out of the waterproof case and also you can load up some songs that are perfect for swimming to. You can also get hold of a smaller iPod shuffle that is easy to attach when you are in the pool.

Waterproof MP3s can also be used in snow and for other watersports and not only for swimming. In fact obviously you can use them whenever but they are designed to work in water so you might as well use them for that!

The iPod can be attached to your goggles and you will also need waterproof headphones or earbuds to go with it. A waterproof iPod can also be used just like a normal iPod.

Waterproof Cases

If you just want to waterproof your iPod for going on holiday then think about getting a waterproof case, there are plenty available and the majority of these are cheaper than buying a waterproof ipod or MP3 player so you don’t have to shell out a lot of money.

You can also just get waterproof cases that will protect your iPhone or other smartphone for when you are at the pool or the beach so that your phone doesn’t get damaged by water.

However, if you are planning to swim with music then it is probably better to get something much smaller and easier to use than using your iPod or iPhone.