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Can’t Get in to eBay

April 23rd – I can’t get in to eBay (the UK version, I can’t test the US version as the problem seems to be with logging in).

The issue isn’t with the home page which I can get to fine, but when I try and log in and see what is happening with My eBay it just hangs – on my phone and my PC.

All other websites seem OK so I don’t think it is a problem with my internet or devices.

I have a few things for sale and I’m not able to get to the selling page or to the My eBay summary page.

I’m also unable to accept a special offer that they emailed me about reduced selling fees so won’t be able to put anything else up for sale until this is sorted.

Unfortunately I also can’t get to the eBay help pages to see if this is a general issue or to ask about it!

Is anyone else having issues with eBay?

eBay Listing Has the Wrong Location

If you are trying to sell something on eBay, you have put in the correct postcode on the selling form but it is still coming up with the wrong location when you view the listing then you are not alone!

Sometimes even when you have entered the right postcode the wrong location might be shown
Sometimes even when you have entered the right postcode the wrong location might be shown

Perhaps you have recently moved house or else you are trying to sell something that belongs to a friend or is just located with someone else and the location is showing incorrectly.

The solution to this problem is to use the advanced selling tool. Unfortunate when you list stuff in a standard manner you get the quick listing tool which usually would do everything you wanted to but in this case you will need to switch.

If you have already listed the item then you may find that you have to end the listing and start again (this is what I found I had to do). Although I saw a post that said you could change the listing form when you were revising an item, when I did this it just took me to a new listing.

So I think we can safely assume that if you have this problem you have already listed your item. So to get to the advanced tool you need to start the listing again – once you have entered the title (just copy and paste everything from the old listing) – and you get to the category section, then you will be given the opportunity to switch to the advanced listing tool in the top right hand corner of the page.

Once you are in this listing tool a pop up box will come up for the postcode location and you will need to hit the ‘apply’ button for it to change the location description that will be shown.

Go through adding all the details to your listing again and then end the old listing, yes it is a pain but hopefully once this is done you won’t need to do it again!

Where Can I Get a Waterproof iPod?

So I have recently taken up swimming as a great form of exercise both to keep fit and also to keep my back flexible and stop my back pain. I am not a great swimmer but I can keep going for a bit doing breaststroke and although that is not as good as doing front crawl I’m sure the swimming helps as part of my exercise regime.

However, the more I swim and the more lengths I do, the slightly more boring the swimming gets so I decided to see if I could get a waterproof iPod or some kind of music device to help stop the boredom and keep me swimming for longer.

I am a big music fan and I find that it helps in the gym, particularly on the treadmill to make the time go quicker. However, my everyday iPod will was obviously not going to be any good for swimming and so I had a look for a waterproof iPod, as I wasn’t sure if there was one, and found that there was indeed such a thing.

Actually there are two options for getting music in your ears while you swim and one is to buy a custom waterproof iPod or MP3 player and the other is to buy a waterproof case for your existing iPod or MP3 player. There are companies that take standard iPod shuffles and waterproof them with a 2 year guarantee.

Waterproof iPods

Waterproof iPod Shuffle options

Obviously there are pros and cons to each and it is a personal decision as to which one will be better for you but I would suggest the following:

If you are a frequent swimmer then maybe a waterproof iPod would be better then you don’t need to keep taking your iPod out of the waterproof case and also you can load up some songs that are perfect for swimming to. You can also get hold of a smaller iPod shuffle that is easy to attach when you are in the pool.

Waterproof MP3s can also be used in snow and for other watersports and not only for swimming. In fact obviously you can use them whenever but they are designed to work in water so you might as well use them for that!

The iPod can be attached to your goggles and you will also need waterproof headphones or earbuds to go with it. A waterproof iPod can also be used just like a normal iPod.

Waterproof Cases

If you just want to waterproof your iPod for going on holiday then think about getting a waterproof case, there are plenty available and the majority of these are cheaper than buying a waterproof ipod or MP3 player so you don’t have to shell out a lot of money.

You can also just get waterproof cases that will protect your iPhone or other smartphone for when you are at the pool or the beach so that your phone doesn’t get damaged by water.

However, if you are planning to swim with music then it is probably better to get something much smaller and easier to use than using your iPod or iPhone.


Sum Up Discount Code

sumup_If you run a small business and want to take credit and debit card payments when you are out and about then you might be interested in one of the mobile card payment options that are available.

Sum Up is just one of the those that is available and below I have a discount code for you!

Personally I have been using Sum Up for around 2 years now and I find it really easy to use with only a 1.95% charge on transactions.  it enables me to take credit and debit card payments wherever I am with little fuss and the payments are sent over to my bank account within a few days.

All you need to use it is the terminal and a smartphone to connect to (and 3G/4G/wireless) and you can take payments from most cards including American Express.

This can be really useful if you are somewhere there isn’t a cashpoint nearby or even if you sell stuff that is at a price point where people may not have that much cash on them.

So anyway, if you are interested in taking a look at Sum Up then you an get a £20 discount on the price of the terminal if you follow the link below:

Sum Up Discount Code

Where Can You Get Linkee?

linkeeLinkee is a board game for all of the family that was launched in 2012 and has taken the country by storm ever since.

Having been rejected by the dragons in Dragons’ Den, the founders went on to prove Peter Jones and the rest of the dragons wrong by making a success of a new board game.

So if you have heard of it, or played it at a friend’s house and are wondering where can you get Linkee? Then look no further!

The fact is that  board game sales have been increasing in the last few years as people are embracing the non-screen culture. Many new board games have come on to the market as well as the old favourites still being sold in ever larger numbers such as Monopoly.

Linkee has become one of the most popular and best selling board games in the UK and is sold online as well as in good toy shops.

There are two versions of the game, a general family version and a version specifically designed for children from 8 years old and upwards. The game only takes a couple of minutes to learn and is fun because everyone can play at the same time and players don’t need to wait their turn.

Check out the links below if you want to buy one of the versions of Linkee that are available:

You can also get booster packs with extra questions for the game although there are 1400 questions in the original pack so that should keep you going for a while.

If you are looking for some of the old style board games then you can often pick up new versions on Amazon or else you can frequently find the original versions for sale on eBay for quite good prices.

If you have the time then take a wander around car boot sales and you will more than likely find some old board games for sale there, just check that they have all the pieces before buying!