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Can’t Get in to eBay

April 23rd – I can’t get in to eBay (the UK version, I can’t test the US version as the problem seems to be with logging in).

The issue isn’t with the home page which I can get to fine, but when I try and log in and see what is happening with My eBay it just hangs – on my phone and my PC.

All other websites seem OK so I don’t think it is a problem with my internet or devices.

I have a few things for sale and I’m not able to get to the selling page or to the My eBay summary page.

I’m also unable to accept a special offer that they emailed me about reduced selling fees so won’t be able to put anything else up for sale until this is sorted.

Unfortunately I also can’t get to the eBay help pages to see if this is a general issue or to ask about it!

Is anyone else having issues with eBay?

eBay Listing Has the Wrong Location

If you are trying to sell something on eBay, you have put in the correct postcode on the selling form but it is still coming up with the wrong location when you view the listing then you are not alone!

Sometimes even when you have entered the right postcode the wrong location might be shown
Sometimes even when you have entered the right postcode the wrong location might be shown

Perhaps you have recently moved house or else you are trying to sell something that belongs to a friend or is just located with someone else and the location is showing incorrectly.

The solution to this problem is to use the advanced selling tool. Unfortunate when you list stuff in a standard manner you get the quick listing tool which usually would do everything you wanted to but in this case you will need to switch.

If you have already listed the item then you may find that you have to end the listing and start again (this is what I found I had to do). Although I saw a post that said you could change the listing form when you were revising an item, when I did this it just took me to a new listing.

So I think we can safely assume that if you have this problem you have already listed your item. So to get to the advanced tool you need to start the listing again – once you have entered the title (just copy and paste everything from the old listing) – and you get to the category section, then you will be given the opportunity to switch to the advanced listing tool in the top right hand corner of the page.

Once you are in this listing tool a pop up box will come up for the postcode location and you will need to hit the ‘apply’ button for it to change the location description that will be shown.

Go through adding all the details to your listing again and then end the old listing, yes it is a pain but hopefully once this is done you won’t need to do it again!

Which is the Most Popular Carpool Karaoke?

When James Corden took over the Late Late Show he was openly scared that the show would fail and he would have to return to the UK with his tail between his legs.

It seems that nothing could be further from the truth and one of the most popular segments on the show is the carpool karaoke where he takes a ride with some very famous celebrities and sings along with them to their own hits.

The videos are very popular and James Corden is also actually quite good at singing along with the passenger!

The most popular carpool karaoke videos have been shared not just millions of times but tens of millions via YouTube – so which do you think are the most popular carpool karaoke videos?

We checked out the videos and how many views each of them had and these were the ones that had been viewed the most times…

Number 1

OK at the top of the list with over 110 million views is the Adele carpool karaoke, so this one is top of the list. Obviously one reason this was very popular was that it was done at the time of her big hit ‘Hello’ that had just been released:

Number 2

Next on the carpool karaoke most popular list if the Justin Bieber carpool karaoke with over 80 million views. Everything to do with Justin Bieber is usually incredibly popular as he has a huge fan base so this is no surprise really!

Number 3

At number 3 on the most popular carpool karaoke videos is Iggy Azalea carpool karaoke with over 37 million views to date. So this is a big jump down on the top 2 videos which look like they will take a lot of catching up:

Number 4

At the number 4 spot is the Mariah Carey carpool karaoke with over 25 million views:

Number 5

At 5th place on the list is the Stevie Wonder carpool karaoke with over 22 million views. With the video starting with James Corden saying ‘are you sure you are safe to drive?’ this was always destined to be a hit and was a very funny one:

Obviously as the carpool karaoke continues on the Late Late show there is a chance for future videos to overtake this top 5.

In fact the Selena Gomez carpool karaoke has at the time of writing only been released for a day and already has 9 million views, so that could well be a future contender:

With 5 million subscribers these videos are always going to be really popular and will likely always get millions of views so it will be interesting to see which one ends up on top when they finally end.

Which one is your favorite carpool karaoke video? Is it one that is not in the top 5 list? Feel free to comment below.

How Can You Tell a Facebook Competition is Fake?

There are so many fake facebook pages out there trying to get us to click the like and share buttons with competitions and giveaways. So many of these facebook competitions are actually fake sadly.

There are a number of reasons why someone would set up a fake facebook page and competition even though sometimes they seem a bit unfathomable! But mostly they want us to like and share stuff so that more people like their page and maybe they can get hold of all our details and that of our friends to spam us with stuff or do even worse.

There have been pages and apps that have managed even more sinister things like posting spam on our behalf that appears on other pages and perhaps getting data from our email accounts and using that for their own (usually spam) purposes, but worst of all they could steal your identity and maybe even sell that information off to other people.

There are a lot of fake pages purportedly giving you a chance to win a lovely new LandRover
There are a lot of fake pages purportedly giving you a chance to win a lovely new LandRover

There are a lot of pages that promise prizes like a brand new car if you like and share their page. Another popular one is that you could win airline tickets from a well known airline to celebrate an anniversary and recently there was a fake Ikea facebook page promising £5,000 in vouchers to a lucky visitor to their store on it’s opening day.

Others promise that someone will win a villa or a holiday. With these competitions you need to follow the old adage – if it looks too good to be true then… well you know the rest.

So if you are wondering how can you tell if a facebook page is fake then start by looking at some of the following points:

  • If it is a big company then it should have the blue verified tick that facebook give to established companies so check for that.
  • How many likes does the page have – does it purport to be a big company and if so does it have as many like as you would expect it to? Many pages that promise giveaways from a company may only have a thousand or so likes and this should ring alarm bells to start with.
  • Is the company name spelled correctly? This might seem basic but you would be surprised how many are not quite spelled right because the actual company has taken the correctly spelled page name.
  • When was the page set up? If it was only set up a few months (or even days) ago then it is possibly fake – established companies will have had their facebook pages for quite a while by now. Check if all the posts showing were just added.
  • Does it have any contact information on it? Can you see a phone number, address etc in the about section? Reputable companies will definitely want this information to be obvious on their page so that you can contact them.
  • Is the spelling and grammar good? Companies will likely have someone who has good spelling and grammar updating their information.
  • Do they use lots of unnecessary punctuation? If you see more than one exclamation mark on something then that should also ring alarm bells!

So if you see a friend has liked a page that promises prizes that sound fantastic then just have a quick look at the page itself before you start sharing it around.

Here is a particular example:

A competition to win a villa (yes real actual ownership of a whole villa – does that smell fishy already?) with a company called James Villas. Here is the fake page:

This fake James Villas page has managed to get 13k shares for its competition after only a day!
This fake page has managed to get 13k shares for its competition after only a day!

Note that there is no contact information and only 7k likes.

But it has been copied from the genuine page here:

Over 100k likes and lots of contact info are a couple of things that show this is a genuine page.
Over 100k likes and lots of contact info are a couple of things that show this is a genuine page.