Can I Wash a Sultan Huglo Ikea Mattress Cover?

So I asked myself this question recently. I have a nice Ikea Sultan king Sized bed but I had a lodger sleeping on it for about 4 months over a very hot summer and I didn’t feel too inclined to sleep on it after that without being able to wash it.

The instructions on the Ikea Sultan Huglo mattress cover say ‘Clean with uphostery shampoo only’. Well for a start with I don’t have any upholstery shampoo. Secondly I felt it needed a bit more than just a surface clean and thirdly I think they just put this to protect themselves.

I searched on the internet to see what the consensus was but there was not a lot of information about washing my mattress cover. I did find one person who said they they had put a similar Ikea mattress cover in the wash and it had come out OK. So I bit the bullet and decided I would wash it.

Now as I say, I have a king sized bed and the mattress cover was quite large and I figured that it would not actually fit in my washing machine so what I did was to wash the Ikea mattress cover in the bath. I dumped it in there and turned the shower on to soak the whole cover. Once I had done that I ran the bath water and put a bit of washing powder in. I kept turning it round in the tepid/warm water until i figured it was cleaner than it would have got with the upholstery shampoo.

Once I had drained the worst of the water off, I hang it over my outdoor clothes dryer to dry. Now given that I live in a place where the temperature at that time was about 40 degrees Celsius, it dried within a few hours. However, if you live somewhere cooler, be prepared to wait somewhat longer!

So, in conclusion, I think that you can wash your Ikea mattress cover if you do it carefully and don’t stick it on a hot wash or put it through the dryer. No guarantees though!

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