Carrying Golf Clubs on Oman Air

I was recently flying to Dubai and trying to find the best priced flight which would also allow me to take my golf clubs on the airplane. The cheapest flight came out with Oman Air so I tried to check their website about whether they let you take golf clubs for free or not.

However, I couldn’t find any information about taking golf clubs on Oman Air on their website at all – in fact I did not find their website hugely helpful to be honest. I did find an email address to send any enquiries to about luggage but that came back with user unknown, so they had obviously not updated their website when that person had left.

Anyway, I did eventually fina another contact email address and sent an enquiry to them to see if you could take golf clubs for free. It took over a week to get a response and that answer was a bit cryptic but the long and the short of it was this:

You can take golf clubs on Oman Air but not entirely for free. Essentially the first 9kg of your golf club bag is free and anything over that you have to pay for. However, your baggage allowance is 30kg so if you do not use up all of your 30kg, say you only use 20kg, then you will only be charged for the extra over 30kg .

For me the information came too late as I had already booked and flown with another airline but maybe this info can help someone else!

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