HP Touchpad

The HP Touchpad was HP’s venture into the world of the tablet PC. When Apple brought out the iPad this led to a wealth of new tablet PCs being introduced by various major players in the market. The HP Touchpad was integrated with Microsoft products and was one of the products that Microsoft had in its arsenal for it’s battle against Apple.

Reviews were good for the HP Touchpad and so many people were surprised when HP announced that they would be no longer manufacturing the tablet PC but would only be continuing production to keep up with any outstanding orders.

It may well be that HP will sell off certain parts of the business so that someone else can continue what the touchpad has started but at the moment that is just a possibility. When the financial climate is hard then tough decisions need to be made and it seems that is what HP have done. The tablet PC market is a tough one with a lot of players now so maybe the lack of sales of the HP touchpad have sent ti to it’s death.

In any case it seems that HP will keep making the touchpad until very late in the year (2011) to fulfill the demand and then we will just have to see what happens to it after that.

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