Deus Ex – Available on PS3 and XBox

Deus Ex is a role-playing action game that is now in it’s third incarnation. The original Deus Ex game was launched in 2000 and was a futuristic strategic game set in 2052. The third version of the game – Human Revolution was actually a prequel to the original game and is set in 2027. This 3rd version of the game was launched in August 2011 to a fair bit of critical acclaim.

The official Playstation magazine gave Deus Ex 8/10 whereas the official Xbox magazine in the UK gave the game 10/10. Most reviews gave very high scores all round for the 3rd version of Deus Ex.

The Deus Ex game involves the character Adam Jenson and is available on the PS3 and the XBox 360 amongst other formats. It can be bought at all good games outlets including being available to buy at Amazon where you can not only buy the brand new version but also a used version. Check out these Amazon options for buying the Deus Ex game on PS3 or Xbox or also in the Windows version:

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