Michigan Hurricane?

Is a hurricane ever going to hit Michigan? In the last few decades hurricanes have become slightly more commonplace and people further from the normal hurricane paths are wondering if they are the next to be hit by a hurricane – hence the question of whether a hurricane would hit Michigan.

Well the truth of the matter is that the answer is almost definitely ‘no’. Hurricanes are formed over the sea and gather up speed and momentum by sucking up hot air that is formed over the water. The simple fact is that once a hurricane hits the land it runs out of steam, so to speak.

The life of a hurricane once it hits the land depends obviously on it’s severity when it hits and also the climatic conditions when it hits, but overall it is likely to diminish in severity to the point where it is no longer classed as a hurricane, after a couple of hours. So this fact makes it nigh on impossible for a hurricane to hit Michigan.

However, as with all kinds of storms, a hurricane may tail off into a lower category storm and some remnants of what was a hurricane may still reach Michigan, but these would not be in any was as severe as a hurricane category storm.

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