Is This The Most Popular Christmas Toy?

So every year there is a top ten list of the most popular Christmas toys and one that I have noticed being on a lot of these lists may bemuse some parents a bit! it is a toy aimed at slightly younger children (although recommended for those over 3) and it is called Doggie-Doo!

Doggie-Doo is available in both the Uk and the US (see links below) and it is a game that encourages children to be aware that if they have a dog they have to pick up it’s poop afterwards if they take it out for walks. With poop always being something that makes kids laugh, this game will not fail to amuse the children when they have to ‘scoop the poop’, albeit the poop in this case is plasticine.

Check out full details of the game from your part of the world by clicking the links below:


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