Is Bleeding Gums a Pregnancy Symptom?

This may seem like a strange question to ask, but when people are trying to get pregnant then all sorts of things can seem like pregnancy symptoms. In some cases they are completely unrelated to any possible pregnancy but in other cases they may be a sign of pregnancy.

Bleeding gums is one symptom that, believe it or not, could be a sign of pregnancy. In fact not only can it be a sign of early pregnancy, but it might also continue further into the pregnancy.

The reason that bleeding gums can be a sign of pregnancy is that when you are pregnant your progesterone levels increase and increased progesterone can increase the susceptibility of gums to the effect of bacteria from plaque, causing gingivitis. Although you should not be too worried about this, you should keep up regular checks with your dentist and if the bleeding and/or swelling of the gums seems excessive then you should make an appointment to see your dentist as it could degenerate into something worse.

So, make sure that you keep up with your dental health routine, flossing and cleaning at least twice a day, so that there is less risk of this occurring. Also, there was a study completed that showed slightly lower conception levels on those women who had worse dental health than those whose overall dental health was good. So if you are trying to get pregnant you should also ensure you are cleaning and flossing regularly.

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