Buy Books In The UK

If you are looking to buy books in the UK, and at a good price then you have a few options.  There are still a few high street shops selling books like Waterstones and Borders but overall book sellers are moving onto the internet where you can search for the best prices on books that you want.

The advantage of book stores is that you can browse through shelves of books until you find one that takes your fancy by reading the back cover etc. Book stores may also have special offers on 3 for 2 books etc that you can’t get online. Also if you need a book straight away then you can just pick one up and take it home.

However, if you are looking for a particular book and you know what you want, then you don’t necessarily need to go to a bookshop. The most popular place to buy books for years has been Amazon, and many people go there by default when looking for books as they know that they are a trusted retailer.

But, there are many more booksellers on the internet and quite often you can find one that will sell the book you are looking for, for less than you have to pay on Amazon. One of these cheaper book stores is Abe Books which source there books from many areas, including abroad. Just enter the ISBN of the book you are looking for and it will give you a selection of sellers to choose from. Book Sale

AbeBooks sells new, second-hand and collectible books. I recently looked for a technical book that was £19.79 on Amazon and I managed to get it for around £3 less on AbeBooks – it was a new book too so I was surprised that I could get it at such a low cost compared to the Amazon price.

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